Thursday, June 2, 2011

City Sushi

South Park why won't you just die already?
While I certainty don't hate the show, in fact I've watched nearly every single episode including the new episode last night "City Sushi" and while it was still very funny (unlike a some of the other episodes this season like Royal Pudding, FunnyBoy, and TMI) it certainty lacks the charm that South Park used to have. While it had a nice exploration of Butters, it didn't even include the 4 main characters (Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny).
City Sushi at least was a character based humor episode, I much prefer character based episodes where there the comedy comes from the actual characters instead of episodes like Crack Baby Athletic Association where Matt and Trey don't even try and hide the "hidden message" inside the episode and instead just outline their opinions (In this case how the NCAA doesn't pay it's players the amount they should be). South Park is a shell of it's former self and at the rate most of the episodes have been this season I would not be surprised if Matt and Trey decide to end the series in a few years.

Here is a link to watch City Sushi


  1. South Park is not going to die

  2. I still like south park. People always long for the good old days, no matter whether or not those days were actually any better.

  3. The last few episodes were kind of shitty (although I enjoyed Human CentiPad) but I wouldn't say the series needs to die.

  4. Can't go wrong with Southpark!